Looking for a frame/stand to hang my son's hugglepod (it's like a hanging tent chair thing). We're in an apartment and there are no trees around that would work. We tried it for a day at a friend's house and he absolutely loved it, so I'm really motivated to find something to make it work at home. If anyone has a frame (sometimes it's called a "C hammock stand") that's not getting enough use, I...
Ministry in need of reliable pickup for collecting and distributing donated goods to recent asylum immigrants that are in resettlement progress. A tax deductible receipt for real value will be given. Also in need of reliable autos for immigrants with families.
I'm starting a therapeutic touch business and could REALLY use a printer! THANKS & fingers crossed! :)
I'm looking for packing supplies. Boxes, bubble wrap... whatever you have.
Looking for a fanny pack. Anyone have one they no longer need? Thanks!
Hi Freecyclers, I am seeking all sizes of mason jars for liquid concoctions. Thxs
I'm a stand up comedian who would love to take very good care of a recycled wedding dress to use during my performances. It will help me achieve my dreams of making people laugh, so thank you for believing in bringing new life to a nostalgic treasured dress. I'm 5'7" and a size 2
We're opening a new preschool and are looking for small toddler or kids chairs. If your kids have outgrown theirs, please drop us a line! Thank you! Crystal Beran Sprout and Spark School
I m trying to get started in new keeping and my first hurdle is the cost to start. Im hoping someone out there has a few items to help me along on this new adventure in keeping bees. Thanks
Long shot ask: stove/range. Unfortunately we just developed a crack in our stove top and apparently that is very dangerous to still use and it costs more to replace the glass than buy a new stove :( any chance someone has a working stove they are looking to pass on? Thanks for considering!
Our organization is looking for new or like-new supplies and backpacks for kids going back to school this fall who are in need.
I need Portable Air Conditioner badly since this place aren't allow have window a/c and they only accept Portable Air Conditioner. Please contact me asap. Thank you!
I need bicycle helmet and lock chain. Please let me know if you have it and that would be great!
Looking for white board size 16X20 or larger. Boughrt a magnetic puzzle of the United States, for the grandkids, and don't have anywhere to mount it. My fridge is too small. Thanks in advance !
My mom is in desperate need of an air conditioner. Portable or window unit, as long as it works. Neither of us can afford a new one. Thank you in advance!
Hi Frrecyclers, I'm looking for medium to large sized luggage with wheels for travel. Functionality is more important than aesthics. The luggage can take the abuse of baggage handlers. Thxs
just hoping for a few boxes so I don't have to move in bags! Pretty please
I have a little carpet cleaner that works great but I need to do a detail on a vehicle today so I was hoping someone might have a hot steam cleaner they would part with or trade for this Little green clean machine I no longer need
A non-profit charity organization is looking for a desk. It doesn't have to be big or fancy. We will pick it up.