this weekVancouver, WA+7 milesItems Wanted
We are hoping to do some landscaping and need a seed spreader, and wheel barrow, perhaps to borrow or to keep. Whichever is available, Thank you!
this weekVancouver, WA+7 milesItems Wanted
I'd like to make a low wall for a raised garden and terrace -- not a lot needed and I'm working alone so the rocks can't be too huge to lift. Thank you! Can pick up in my van.
Looking for a frame/stand to hang my son's hugglepod (it's like a hanging tent chair thing). We're in an apartment and there are no trees around that would work. We tried it for a day at a friend's house and he absolutely loved it, so I'm really motivated to find something to make it work at home. If anyone has a frame (sometimes it's called a "C hammock stand") that's not getting enough use, I...
Ministry in need of reliable pickup for collecting and distributing donated goods to recent asylum immigrants that are in resettlement progress. A tax deductible receipt for real value will be given. Also in need of reliable autos for immigrants with families.
I'm starting a therapeutic touch business and could REALLY use a printer! THANKS & fingers crossed! :)
this weekVancouver, WA+7 milesItems Wanted
Seeking a powered subwoofer to compliment my two bookshelf speakers.
last weekVancouver, WA+7 milesItems Wanted
In need of a narrow, tall utility rack - Rack 72-in H x 12-in W x 18-in or thereabout in size - metal or wood please. Thanks
I'm looking for packing supplies. Boxes, bubble wrap... whatever you have.
Looking for a fanny pack. Anyone have one they no longer need? Thanks!
Hi Freecyclers, I am seeking all sizes of mason jars for liquid concoctions. Thxs
I'm a stand up comedian who would love to take very good care of a recycled wedding dress to use during my performances. It will help me achieve my dreams of making people laugh, so thank you for believing in bringing new life to a nostalgic treasured dress. I'm 5'7" and a size 2
We're opening a new preschool and are looking for small toddler or kids chairs. If your kids have outgrown theirs, please drop us a line! Thank you! Crystal Beran Sprout and Spark School
I m trying to get started in new keeping and my first hurdle is the cost to start. Im hoping someone out there has a few items to help me along on this new adventure in keeping bees. Thanks
Long shot ask: stove/range. Unfortunately we just developed a crack in our stove top and apparently that is very dangerous to still use and it costs more to replace the glass than buy a new stove :( any chance someone has a working stove they are looking to pass on? Thanks for considering!
Our organization is looking for new or like-new supplies and backpacks for kids going back to school this fall who are in need.
I need Portable Air Conditioner badly since this place aren't allow have window a/c and they only accept Portable Air Conditioner. Please contact me asap. Thank you!
I need bicycle helmet and lock chain. Please let me know if you have it and that would be great!