yesterdayCentralia, WA+84 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for expired dry cereal, oatmeal, stale chips, stale crackers, stale bread, veges people don't want. I mix it all up and give it to the chickens and goats. Thank you
yesterdayHillsboro, OR+21 milesItems Wanted
Rusty and broken tools are fine! I'm welding them into garden art. Hammers, pliers, shovels, shears, rakes, hoes, etc. Other small size metal stuff appreciated too. I can pick up any day or eve. Thanks in advance.
yesterdayHillsboro, OR+21 milesItems Wanted
Broken, incomplete and rusty bed frames are fine. I'm learning to weld and they will become shelves, brackets, etc., in my shop. I can pick up any day or evening. Thanks in advance. Hillsboro Portland McMinnville Salem
yesterdayHillsboro, OR+21 milesItems Wanted
Looking for empty, square, flat walled (thinner and solvent type) cans - flat material for a soldering project. Thanks in advance.
this weekVancouver, WA+7 milesItems Wanted
We are hoping to do some landscaping and need a seed spreader, and wheel barrow, perhaps to borrow or to keep. Whichever is available, Thank you!
this weekVancouver, WA+7 milesItems Wanted
I'd like to make a low wall for a raised garden and terrace -- not a lot needed and I'm working alone so the rocks can't be too huge to lift. Thank you! Can pick up in my van.
this weekAstoria, OR+92 milesItems Wanted
I just moved into a nice loft apartment and I was wondering if anyone wanted to find NEW HOMES for some or all of their House Plants. I remember I gave away many house plants to a friend once because I wanted a change. They were my children of sorts so I just want to let anyone know that I would love and care for them. Thanks Lindy
this weekHillsboro, OR+21 milesItems Wanted
Hi. I gotta get this cat box outside to make more room in our lil apartment. I am looking for a pet door/glass panel w dog door to put in our sliding door please so King Judah can get out to use his litter box. It's like a framed glass panel with a pet door.flap near the bottom. My slider is 78" tall, I believe there are different size doors. Thank you in advance!
Looking for a frame/stand to hang my son's hugglepod (it's like a hanging tent chair thing). We're in an apartment and there are no trees around that would work. We tried it for a day at a friend's house and he absolutely loved it, so I'm really motivated to find something to make it work at home. If anyone has a frame (sometimes it's called a "C hammock stand") that's not getting enough use, I...
Ministry in need of reliable pickup for collecting and distributing donated goods to recent asylum immigrants that are in resettlement progress. A tax deductible receipt for real value will be given. Also in need of reliable autos for immigrants with families.
I'm starting a therapeutic touch business and could REALLY use a printer! THANKS & fingers crossed! :)
this weekVancouver, WA+7 milesItems Wanted
Seeking a powered subwoofer to compliment my two bookshelf speakers.
last weekSalem, OR+46 milesItems Wanted
Hi there, we're about to head out of town, moving back east. We're in search of a car top carrier, cargo carrier, roof top carrier to free up some space in our car. It can be hard top or soft top. If anyone has one lying around that they'd be willing to let go of, once we are done with it we'd be sure to repost as an offer on freecycle and pay it forward. Thank you so much!
last weekVancouver, WA+7 milesItems Wanted
In need of a narrow, tall utility rack - Rack 72-in H x 12-in W x 18-in or thereabout in size - metal or wood please. Thanks
I'm looking for packing supplies. Boxes, bubble wrap... whatever you have.
Looking for a fanny pack. Anyone have one they no longer need? Thanks!
Hi Freecyclers, I am seeking all sizes of mason jars for liquid concoctions. Thxs