Hi freecylers! Spare xxl helmet lying around, I have a dear friend who could really use it!
Does any one have yellow or colored File folders that you're not using or need? I'm simply trying to organize my papers and documents, so that I can put them in my file cabinet. Thank-you in advance
I looking for some 12 inch or 14 inch yellow shipping envelopes, so that I can ship some documents off. Thank-you in advance.
Looking for decorative tree stumps or logs for back yard landscaping. If you can help deliver, even better!
These are all items I am looking for: 1. Vacuum cleaner is long hose and attachments. An upright would be nice, working and with narrow suction attachments would be great. 2. A working VCR, I have some home videos I am dying to show to my sweety. 3. A King sized frame that includes some sort of Headboard. I already have a regular frame, so if you don't have a headboard with it please don't both...
I am looking for a simple clothes hanging rack with wheels. I can buy one cheap, but I d rather take an existing one that is not being used. Thanks!
My 15yo just informed me that his bedframe is broken. I have 5 kids and we are tight on funds. Thank you for reading
Grocery bags- clean, in good condition, prefer with handles but will take without. Looking for approx. 20 now but will want more in the future. Love to reuse and recycle.
days agoVancouver, WA+7 milesItems Wanted
I have always wanted one of these plants, now have the space for one. So if you're crazy and want to get rid of yours ;) or generous and ready to give yours a hair cut, I'm your woman! Thank you!
Hi, I'm collecting unique amber glass bottles. Empty vanilla extract, olive oil, kombucha, pump lotion and empty old-timey medicine bottles are all great. Please rinse food/residue and please no standard beer bottles. Labels still on and missing lids are fine. Thank you!
If anyone has a yoga mat they don't want that I can have, I'd really appreciate it.
Looking to replace our broken lawn mower. Let me know if you have one you don't need. I can pick up around the Portland metro area for a working lawn mower. Thanks for your time
My employer is transitioning from disposable paper cups over to ceramic mugs. We're a hard-working warehouse and can go through 400 or more paper cups in a day so I'm very happy at the change. In order to help I'm trying to get ahold of as many mugs as I can to put in the cabinets. Only requirements are no chips, and 12oz or greater but none larger than 22oz. Thank you!
days agoLake Oswego, OR+7 milesItems Wanted
I have a project needing a 5/8inch ID tubing. This could be a garden hose. It is okay if the hose has leaks or holes or bad ends but should be 6 feet or longer.
Hi! Looking for a used card table for our kiddo's lemonade stand this summer. Doesn't have to be in the best condition as we can throw a sheet over it and cover up tears and stains. Thanks!!